View Full Version : Valentini Puffer and Blue tang

Crooked Reef
05/11/2018, 09:16 PM
I added a 1.5” Valentini Puffer to my reef today. About an hour after acclimation my wife called me and told me that the 5” blue hippo tang was hovering over a corner that the puffer was last seen in. When I got back home about 20 minutes later the puffer was out picking on rocks and the hippo has been in his “bed” ever since. This has been for about 5 hours now. This tang picked on a rabbitfish unmercifully. Why would it now be hiding from the puffer that is 3.5” shorter than him?

05/12/2018, 03:13 PM
Perhaps the tang was picking on the puffer and he lashed back which resulted in the tang swimming off to sulk.