View Full Version : does dry rock need to go through a nitrogen cycle to become live?

05/12/2018, 12:55 PM
I have setup a 10-gallon refugium "offline" with amphipods, chaeto, some brand new CaribSea live sand, a couple very small live-rocks from main tank and then a few baseball-sized dry rock. I have aerator and and reds/blues LED light. All I am adding to this small tank is one capful of photoplankton per day.
I also took a few scoops of main-tank sand and tossed it into this tank.

I have not measured any ammonia, but I am wondering if the rock needs to have an ammonium spike to start the nitrogen cycle?
I had ordered some Instant Ocean BIO-Spira, but not sure if I need to add it this to this offline tank.

Ideally I would like this tank to where is fully "live" by bringing it "online" where it can beneficial to my main tank, but I am not sure at point that may be....a month or more??