View Full Version : Bluespot Jawfish Lethargic in QT

05/29/2018, 06:09 PM
Good evening all,

Some back story: Purchased a BSJF and added to my main display. Did great for a few months. Very active, eating NON STOP. He started to show symptoms of what i think to be BSJF disease ( white, patchy marks). through this he continued to burrow, eat and generally act absolutely normal. I swiftly caught him, added him to a basic 10 gallon QT and started treating with Kanaplex and Metroplex. For the first 2 weeks he behaved normally, ate well and showed signs of improvement.

As stated in the title, he become pretty lethargic in my in the QT. He no longer shows signs of disease, And actually has very good coloring. Now, He is showing signs of labored breathing and no longer eats. ( But still looks healthy!) he has been this way for a few days.

When i noticed this change, I did a 5 gallon water change and added carbon to pull any medication out of the water. I am not sure what else to do!

Any ideas?

Quarantine Tank:
10 gallon
aquaclear 50 with filter pad
Nano skimmer (Have so many laying around, So why not..)
small piece of LR from display
PVC fittings


05/30/2018, 05:39 AM
BSJF like to be in a home, not bare bottom. They stay active building remodeling every day. Also they love cooler temps 76 and below. One of the reasons I had to get rid of MH lighting in my office.