View Full Version : LOTS of equipment to offload for chea

05/31/2018, 12:21 PM
Hi all. My reef tank has been dormant for years and languishing in my basement. I'm ready to offload all of it. Off the top of my head I have:
- 55 gal acrylic tank with stand - $100 OBO
- 48" Coralife Compact Fluorescent light (it's a really nice light) - $100 OBO
- Rather large, heavy duty skimmer that ran like a champ - $100 OBO
- 900 gph pump that ran for maybe five days total out of the box - $100 OBO
- RO/DI unit - 50 gpd plus meter - $50 OBO
- Three large tote bins with spigots - one for RODI, one for saltwater mixing, one as sump - $10 each OBO
- tons of pumps and heaters - $100 Billion - OBO
- The list goes on and on - basically free

I'm not making a solid price on anything. You come, have a look, make your best offer and we'll sort it from there. I need to emphasize that I just want to get this all out of my basement so I'm willing to give reasonable prices.

PM me or text me at 816.217.6779 for details.