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11/03/2018, 07:09 PM
Going back 4 years ago I've always had high nitrates of 40 -50 ppm. Phosphates have been easy to control with GFO. Now I've been running bio pellets for the last 4 months and for the first time my nitrates have dropped to about 15 to 20 ppm. Although my phosphates without GFO have climbed as high as .25. I tried the No3 Po4 red sea stuff years ago with no success. Now with the biopellets I use no more than 5mls in my 40 gallon weekly and it reduces my phosphate to .09 but not helping to reduce my nitrates further but I've only done this for about 2 weeks now. Is it ok to use the red sea along with the biopellets and just adjust as I go? I dont like using the GFO.

11/03/2018, 07:18 PM
You can combine the Red Sea with the bio-pellets, but, despite any advertising, they are doing about the same thing, so it's probably redundant unless the nutrient reduction actually is limited by the size of the pellet reactor. Your system might well be space-limited, though, from your report. You could consider some GFO. That will target just the phosphate, and can be a lot more effective.

Organisms consume small amounts of phosphorus compared to nitrogen, so your numbers make sense.

11/03/2018, 08:01 PM
Ok thanks. I would use the GFO but it's just i noticed the NO3 PO4 red sea had reduced it so I wasn't sure if it was a good thing to continue . Still like to get my nitrates down a bit. I've got a TLF 150 reactor running my biopellets. I started off slow but now use more than what they call for. It's probably filled a little less than halfway. My nitrates have not moved lower from the biopellets at 15-20 ppm so I put a little bit more in. The nitrates have always been stubborn.

11/03/2018, 09:23 PM
The Red Sea product will help reduce both nitrate and phosphate, so that makes sense. The reactor might be a bit small for the tank (depending on the size), so the tank might need more organic carbon to lower the nutrient levels. There is a DIY formula for the Red Sea product, if you're interested.