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01/27/2019, 05:55 PM
Hey everyone. I just bought and revived my new waterbox 170.4 tank. I am
Looking for recommendations for the lights to use. I was thinking about going with the aqua life hybrid led/ Florescence light. The questions I have are the with the tank being 55 inches wide

should I use the 48 inch wide or 60 inch wide fixture?

What fluorescent bulbs should I get number of each and what ones?

I was looking at the black box lights and read a lot of good reviews and people having great luck with them and the price is great, but I’m not sure if it is a
“you get what you pay for” type of thing, and people just push what they spent a lot of money on.
My other options I was looking at Are the Kessil a700. If this light how many would I need?

Ecotech xr30 pro or xr15pro. With these how many would I need. Would it be better to get one xr30 for the center, and 2 xr15 for the sides, or 4 xr15 or 2 xr30?

And with the AI what would be the best option?

I don’t mind spending the money,but if I can save money I can buy more corals!!

I am going to have a mixed tank. Nothing hard to keep. I really want the colors to be nice. I am planning on buying a apex, but I rather have the lights preset with factory know options that work. I do not want to be adjusting this and that through the apex

Thank you for your help.

01/29/2019, 12:02 AM
Welcome to Reef Central.

I would not get a light longer than your tank.
You could get 3 AI Prime HD 26's.