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poorish iDOL
05/29/2019, 06:29 AM
what do you guys think thru personal experience, is the best way to house bounce mushrooms? im referring to phosphate, nitrate, salinity, and alk levels. tank placement, light and flow types.

i currently fun .1, 25 nitrates, .25, 9alk, constant blue leds, they god light to moderate flow and are on the bottom of the tank.. i use cheap lead console and have a 40 nuvo...i only run blue at about 50-75% ...so about 25-35watts.

currently the bounces i have arent fullt open and was wondering if im doing something wrong. my phosphate was at .25 and i recently gfo which brought it down to .1. i dont think the phos was the culprit, but you guys tell me.

05/29/2019, 11:14 PM
How long have they been in the system? What other animals are in the system? Maybe something is chewing on them? Are there other corals? Those parameters likely are fine. I don't know much about LED lights. What size system is this?