View Full Version : Let's discuss Rollermats?

07/01/2019, 05:54 PM
I haven't seen many positive reviews about roller mats. I refuse to use filters socks (for one I need to redo my sump to make room for them and don't want to change them constantly.)

Is there an economical rollermat I could hard plumb into my system (Be easier than filter socks for me quite honestly! ) I have a 350 G display and 75 sump, And my sump is full, I barely had room to fit the overflows,Skimmer, and ATS.

Last piece of filtration equipment, needs to be a water clarifier / polisher that actually works well. I'm open to suggestions. I'm tempted to buy a couple large hang on back filters (the old freshwater ones) hang them on the back of my sump and let the water pass through wadds of filter floss. Very tempting. :)

07/01/2019, 06:10 PM
Tagging along. Am trying to add a roller matt but I wan to avoid drilling or modifying my trigger sump...

Vinny Kreyling
07/02/2019, 09:35 AM
Time for a bigger sump.
Honestly from what I have seen there are no "economical" units other than the Klir units.
They seem to be a bit "Finicky".
With dual overflows most units are too small in flow anyway.
Theiling still seems to be the one, but Geo is adding them on sumps now.
Another thing to look for @ MACNA.