View Full Version : Anyone used/using Maxspect Razor 120w LED light fixture?

07/19/2019, 03:11 PM
Hi guys,

Anyone currently using or have used Maxspect Razor 120w LED light fixture? I am trying the find out which setting will give me good par intensity and colors spectrum. I running it on 30G cube, will be adding some softies and Zoas.

Par meter is too expensive to test it out.


07/20/2019, 08:22 AM
You might want to read through some of these threads to get an idea of settings.

07/21/2019, 11:35 AM
Yes, I ran two on a 50G cube for years, and just moved them over to a 65G tank, so comparable to 2X your setup. While I feel I had some challenges with some coloration on SPS, it was more than fine for LPS, softies and zoas.

I just ran some PAR tests with an Apogee meter and with a Seneye. I was running them at 45% white / 70% blue and the PAR levels were fine for LPS/softies, but I needed to crank it up to 55% white / 95% blue to reach 250-350 PAR on my upper rocks for SPS. The Seneye reported about 75% PUR at these ratios.

One thing I'd recommend if you still had the original 16K LED pads is to upgrade to the newer 15K ones - the 15K ones when I tested yield 20% more PAR with the exact same wattage consumption. You can order the replacement LED pads directly from Coralvue - in the U.S. that was the cheapest price and free shipping. It is fairly trivial to swap out the pads, just keep track of the + and - terminals as they are in differnet places on old and new. The only tricky thing is working with some pretty small screws.

07/22/2019, 01:09 AM
How much is the fixture above the water surface with these PAR readings?