View Full Version : algae id please

10/04/2019, 09:18 PM

need help withbID of this growing on my LR

and how to get rid of it

green bristle liketuftson my LR my cuc wont touch it
wondering if an ATS might help

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10/04/2019, 09:28 PM
Welcome to an aquarium... Green hair/turf algae..
Please give age/parameters of tank for potential tips..

10/04/2019, 09:42 PM
Your CUC is consuming it, it's just way to much.
What level do you run N and P at?
Is there any Sunlight hitting the tank?
What lighting type and photoperiod?

Answers can be as simple as age, excess nutrients or too much/incorrect light.

Also, how much rock versus water volume are we looking at.

It seems the problem is only on 2 of 3 rocks, seems strange.

Help us understand.