View Full Version : New 150 Reef setup, sump and seperate refugium, any input as to refugium contents app

10/15/2019, 07:40 PM
I've been out of Aquariums for 10 years, after running all sorts for 15 before hand. So I had lots of pieces and parts and someone needed their 150g gone, I gladly accepted! I have about 200lbs dry rock that sat for a week in RO flushed every other day. Roughly 120lbs of live rock covered in coraline, but not one actual creature.
I'm going overboard possibly with the flow, but I want the capability to have anything on the reef. I'm using an little giant outboard of the sump to one return (1050gph), and a Mag 18 to the other return. Both have ball valves and another valve connecting left and right returns...giving me flexibility to use either pump to supply the 1" plumbed returns, or both. 1.5" standpipe, pinched by 1" bulkhead maxed out (full siphon?), T'ed off, one side to the main old school bio-ball sump. The other side drains through a UV then into a 3 section 29g fuge. Wanted tumbling algae ball in center section, possibly something in the 1st chamber as well. The sump has an original Euroreef that I put a Mag 9.5 on with fractioning impeller and venturi. Lots of bubbles, Wow!
I'm looking for any advise or suggestions as to the contents of the refugium or plumbing mods if the consensus is that a tumbling ball is better than a growing mass. Full spec LED fixture mounted above. Thanks for reading through, and excited to be back in the chase!
for reading through, and excited to be back in