View Full Version : Unusual lighting question

11/01/2019, 07:06 PM

I really like the actinic setting on my lights. (Who doesn't?) But I notice that unless I turn off the room lights, the corals don't really pop. It suddenly realized I have a rather dull looking 65 Watt bulb from the room lights sitting in a can fixture directly over the tank. So, if i were to replace the boring yellow/daylight bulb with a blue/actinic or other colored bulb, well that might be cool.

Any suggestions for a great looking room light bulb would be appreciated. Who knows, may even make the colors better even when I have the led fixture on.


11/02/2019, 08:29 AM
I'm assuming from your description it's an old type incandescent bulb. If so it's color temp is going to be somewhere around 2000k-3000K You should be able to find a comparable fluorescent or LED bulb with 6500K. If you're up for DIY you should be able to do something with a higher color temp.