View Full Version : Do you see anything wrong with my stocking list?

11/04/2019, 03:01 AM
Hey guys. I'm starting to think about what I want to stock in my tank. It's a 90 gallon mixed reef with two islands. I have somewhat of a list put together that I am interested in. I'm hoping for some advice or recommendations...

Starting from first to last...

Orange spotted goby (Already added)
Black Axil Chromis X3
Yellowstripe Maroon Clownfish
Black Neon Dottyback
Bluehead Fairy Wrasse
Dispar Anthias X3
Squaretail Bristletooth Tang OR
White tail Bristletooth Tang

Does this leave room for much else? I'm shooting for some action in each column in the water. Some potential additions or substitutions include:

Yellowhead Jawfish
Flame Hawkfish
Knox Angelfish

Inverts that peak my interest are:

Tiger pistol shrimp (Already added)
Blood red Fire shrimp
Linkia sea star of some variety
Assortment of Snails and hermits(Already added)
Emerald crab

How do you guys feel about this list? Advice welcomed....Thanks


11/04/2019, 03:25 AM
Oh yeah, Can't forget about a clam. A clam would be neat.

11/04/2019, 04:23 AM
Personally I wouldn't keep gobies or anemonefish as singles. Both are easy to pair and more interesting in their behavior when you have two. Especially with gobies you just need to get two (2 males or 2 females) and they figure out by themselves. And if you are afraid that a maroon pair will be too aggressive - a single one may become outright mean.

Neon dottybacks, especially singles, can be mean to other, smaller or weaker inhabitants. It may be fine with most fish on your list, though it might not be the best match for the jawfish.

And the dwarf angel may not be a good idea with a clam (assuming here that you mean a Tridacna clam.)

11/04/2019, 05:41 AM
Hmm...a bit of a let down. Maroon clown was high prioritized for me. My substitute would have to be a pair of Ocellaris if they fit in the list ok. I don't plan on adding a nem anytime soon if at all. Will this make a difference?

I was under the impression gobies are hit or miss when there are multiples? My rock work doesn't lend the most space for rock dwellers. They won't compete for space or food?

I like the dottybacks. Will the Neon do better as a pair?

The knox, jawfish, and hawkfish were more or less optional and not something i'll be upset without. Sounds like they're not the best ideas all around lol