View Full Version : Teco TK-3000 chiller for sale

02/07/2020, 01:56 PM
Teco TK-3000 chiller for sale
I have this chiller

for sale.
Bought new 5 years ago. Livingroom where tank was is air conditioned, and basement where sump/fuge were is also air conditioned. This chiller did not work very hard. Not to mention that my system was about 500 gallons, and this unit is rated for 750 gallons. It can handle more than the rated 750 gals, this is not an item that overstates its ability.
I understand that I'm not going to get back what it cost me, so this is an exceptional deal for someone with a large system.
If you follow the link, you'll see this unit sells for just shy of 2 grand. It has the option of adding a heater and or UV sterilizer. I never got either, but had planned on adding a heater, just to consolidate things.
I'm asking $800. Price is not firm, I'll come down some, but if you insult me with a completely unreasonable offer, I'll likely not bother to respond.
The unit is clean, well cared for and still connected and running.