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01/17/2021, 05:28 AM
Everything will be well

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02/23/2021, 12:28 PM
LOL. It is asso funny! Dogs are really very sweet and soulful beasts. I know it on my own. I have 2 dogs and there is no better cure for sadness and sorrow than my pets. We took them a year ago and it was a difficult decision for us. Our daughter persuaded us to take this step for a long time. I was afraid because it is a great responsibility to shelter a living being. It needs good care, treatment, and attention. Honestly, I never knew before how many additional hygiene products are necessary for the dogs. We ordered a special collar, leash, food, vitamins, water additive for dogs teeth (https://thepetsmaster.com/best-water-additive-for-dogs-teeth/), toys, clothes etc. It needs everything like a small child.