View Full Version : something spawning?

02/07/2004, 08:07 PM
new tank with TBS rock placed in it last night. there is a fat short worm looking organisim, sitting on a rock. one end comes to a piont, other end has a round opening, both ends have been sticking up in the water (generally looks like a leach). its just been sitting there all day but now it is dicharging miniture rice looking things. the "rice" is coming from white blisters at the head(?) that were not noticable this morning. it has dropped at least a dozen rice pods so far. spawning or exploding? and what is it.

02/07/2004, 09:23 PM
well the egg sack/organ has detached from the main body. main body is deflated looking. popped out about 2 dozen rice grains. hopefully this is a good organism and not a bad guy.

02/07/2004, 10:51 PM
Hello Akula,

I have noticed "puffs" of things coming from all over the rock. Some times it appears to be from clams and other times it looks like barnicles. So far nothing has been dropping "rice kernels" though.

02/08/2004, 02:15 PM
yah all sorts of stuff flapping in the water. Im pretty sure it was releasing eggs. it is now just laying, attched by many strings to the rock. I have found another one but different color. one is a light brown maybe faded purple and the other is off white. both are oriented in the same manor on different rocks. I cant tell if the white one is alive as I havent seen it move. they have no interest in the sand so I guess they are not small cucumbers. there not chitons, I have one of those figured out and it is deffinately different.