View Full Version : Skipper, it's all your fault!

03/08/2004, 02:34 AM
I just watched the latest Reef Slides on a friend's computer :D and you got me feeling all badly for my Lobophylia that has been slowly withering away in my 55g. I lost one of two polyps a couple of months ago, and out of disgust I pushed it into a spot where it would either make it or not.

Well, that didn't help of course. So tonight I fished it out of the tank and put it in small container where it is floating on the surface to maintain equal temperature. I dropped a few dozen Forumla One pellets on the coral, which it is now consuming. I pulled out 3 ricordia frags (each have two polyps on a small pebble), and let them eat a few pellets as well.

I'm not a big fan of target feeding, but since they are all eating I guess I need to get used to it again.

Maybe I should make an acrylic tray to set these guys on so I can feed them where the cleaner shrimp can't get to them. That is what got me so discouraged in the past.... I'd feed the Lobo and keep it covered for an hour until you couldn't see the krill. I'd remove the dome, and my Skunk would run over, reach into the polyp and rip the food right out! :mad2:

Thanks for the motivation.

03/08/2004, 06:10 AM
Glad I could help, Marc. :p