View Full Version : Caulerpa went sexual, but caught it, thanks Gene

06/13/2004, 04:33 PM
A big thanks Gene, I have the same caulerpa as you showed in this article http://reefkeeping.com/issues/2004-05/nftt/index.htm . LUCKY I read this article !!
Since reading the article I have checked the caulerpa daily for signs of going sexual, and then, just over a week ago, there it was, the little hairy spore type things exactly as in your photo.
So, I removed the algae to a bucket, and then two days later, horrible mess in the bucket. I waited two more days to make sure it was all over, by which time it smelled really bad, and tipped all the water to do a water change. There had been so much nutrients released that only in that two days, the whole inside surface of the bucket was covered in green slimy algae. THANK GOODNESS this did not happen in my tank!
Anyhow, the caulerpa is now still sitting in the bucket, it is much reduced in size, the water has stayed clear, I am waiting to see if anything at all survives to put back in my fuge.
However, out of this I have gained a lot of confidence to use this caulerpa species, knowing that it can be used safely, provided daily checking is done.
Thanks again :)

06/13/2004, 08:44 PM
Hi wasp,

Glad you caught it in time :) I've learned my lesson as well after the last time and so far I was able to head off couple of potential sporulations. Thank you for the kind words !