View Full Version : Mantis Molt.....no Smashers!!!???

10/10/2001, 10:18 AM
Was wondering if anyone has ever had a Smasher loose it's main strikers after a molt. It just happened to mine :( Was wondering if this is common, do they grow back, what could be the cause of this?

He's in his own tank, 3" Peacock, allways active, still is. Only dif is no smashers!!

10/10/2001, 01:17 PM
This is a common problem with O.scyllarus. The cause is unknown, although water quality, diet and exercise could be involved. Usually what happens is that the raptorial appendages become stuck in the old molt skin and they are torn off when the animal tries to free itself.

They will regenerate, but it is a slow process. They animal, even if fed well, will only molt once every couple of months. After the first molt, you will see a pair of very small, non-colored raptorial appendages. They are not functional. After the second molt, they will be about half normal size, still not very colorful, poorly formed, but they can move - just not strike. After the third molt, they will be about 3/4 normal size and functional, but weak. By the fourth molt, they are typically fully restored. The full recovery takes from six months to a year depending on the size of the animal - the larger it is, the slower the recovery.

Raptorial appendage loss also occurs in the field, sometimes due to injury, sometimes due to stress from temperature or salinity. If an animal loses only one appendage, the molt cycle is not accelerated, but if it loses both, it will molt faster. Obviously without its weapons, an animal is in big trouble in the field and it puts all possible resources into regrowing them.


10/22/2001, 09:19 AM
Thanks Roy, (sorry, late response on my part ;)

That releaves the worry a bit. On the plus side, he's eating from my hand, or, more correctly, grabbing the food from my fingers. Yep, I'm pretty brave now that his smashers are missing :)

Aside from them missing, it would almost seem like he's unaware that they are gone. Still rushes me when I'm at the computer (the tank is on the same desk), acts as if he's striking the glass, but no sound. Can't wait for them to grow back, he's just not the same without em, kinda like a pit with no teeth.