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10/14/2001, 07:32 AM

I am desperately trying to acquire a mantis shrimp. I've tried most everything in terms of dealing with LFS and online stores with little luck...I've researched a lot about them and have had a small gonodactylus before. I have a Eclipse 6 setup and waiting, and a 10 Gallon acrylic tank that could be used for a larger mantis...

Of course I would love to get a Odontodactylus Scyllarus, but I will take care of any species. I'd be more than willing to pay a fair price for one.

Please help!
I can be reached at [email protected]


10/14/2001, 05:35 PM
hey seyu

i have a few mantis but i think the shipping price would give you a little shock. ( i live in australia)

i was told to talk to your local prawn trawler ( i dont know if there is one). apparently they pull in mantis (prawn killers) fairly regularly. it might be worth a shot?

10/21/2001, 03:42 AM
Hi Sean,

I aquired a Mantis only this mourning (10/20/01). It looks like the one pictured here:
http://www.blueboard.com/mantis/pics/madoka_harpiosquilla.htm , the colors are more
defined than the one pictured. I think it is the same kind as pictured. It sure looks like
it anyway.

One of my friends captured it in our waters here in Atlantic Beach, NC. while catching bait.
It is large, about 4" long and seems to have adapted well to my tank water. He has only
been it there for about 24 hours now. I put him in my 30 gallon sump/refugium so I could
watch him and catch him easily. I don't know what would be a fair price but I would sell him.
Contact me if interested.

Arlie Turman

[email protected]

10/26/2001, 11:26 AM
If bmc.org implys Boston Medical Center, I was in Uncle Ned's Fish Factory in Millis last week and they had a mantis for sale.


10/26/2001, 02:25 PM

Yes, BMC does stand for BMC and I had just purchased that mantis you're refering to at Uncle Ned's Fish Factory yesterday! Another lfs that was looking for one for me informed me of that one and I went over immediately and bought him!

He's in my system 6 now, and I am going to try to get a picture of him and post it here.