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08/22/2004, 09:29 AM
Hello, Randy

I have read your article "Reef Aquarium Water Parameters" on the ReefKeeping online Magazine. In this article you mention that "Nitrite is far less toxic in seawater than in freshwater", I am very interested with this, could you tell me about why the Nitrite is far less toxic in seawater ? or could you recommend some resources about it ?

Thanks a lot :-)

Randy Holmes-Farley
08/22/2004, 10:12 AM
It is far less toxic in seawater than freshwater, largely because chloride competes for uptake sites in seawater. There is a very extensive discussion of these issues in Stephen Spotte's "Captive Seawater Fishes".
There are also a number of discussions on the chemistry and other forums here. For example: