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08/27/2004, 02:32 PM
Oh my! That is a cool contraption! :eek1:

I am setting up a dwarf seahorse tank and it would be awesome to make one of these, put baby brine shrimp in it each morning (in the bottom section) and let it feed the tank on and off throughout the day since I work full time. Do you happen to have actual step by step instructions somewhere? All I saw was the reefkeeping article.

Thanks for your time and help,

08/29/2004, 07:03 PM
The Reefkeeping article is really all there is, as far as I know.

To feed brine shrimp for a horse tank, the 'contraption' could be limited to a single section and fed from the tank. A 'bucket' with a U-Tube for the siphon, a drain to the tank, and a really slow pump from the tank to the bucket. Use the same concept as the Geosapper, but scale it down.