View Full Version : Metal Halide problem

04/26/2005, 10:37 PM

I have an M58 F-can ballast that fires 3 250watt MH bulbs. It's worked fine for about a year, until I recently changed the bulbs to XM10K 250watt bulbs. Two are fine, but one won't fire. It's not the bulb (Iswitched them out - all 3 bulbs work in the other two moguls, none work in the 3rd). There is an electrical arc inside the "inner bulb", but the bulb won't fire. I've left it on for hours, tried turning it off & on, tightened it, loosened it....no help. The inside of the mogul looks ok to me (looks the same as the 2 functioning moguls).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


04/26/2005, 11:10 PM
my m58 only fires up one 250w are u sure it can handle 3? then again i havent tried to fire up a second yet.

My assumption is taht one m58 ballast to each bulb... am i wrong here?

04/28/2005, 11:28 AM
There are ballasts that fire 2 or 3 bulbs. Mine's fired 3 for almost a year until recently.