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06/22/2005, 10:34 PM
My AC III PRO doesnt allow me to make adjustments remotely. I recieved the file from Curt/you to update my firmware but still have been unable to make the tftpd32 software connect.

I dont know much about my router and its settings, for now I just know that my computer, and the AC unit are successfully connected. the unit sends email, I can view the unit online remotely and I can make changes when on my local network.

I cannot get the unit to connect. I dont know much about DNS, subnet mask etc. That Im sure is my problem.

Is there an "idiots guide" to networking to know how to properly configure the ftfph32 to be able to update the firmware?

Also, what is the most current firmware to date? I think the file I have is 02/27/05. Are these firmware files available on the website somewhere?

06/22/2005, 11:26 PM
On your PC bring up a cmd shell (type 'cmd' in start->run...). In the command shell type ipconfig -all. You should see the default gateway, dns servers, netmasks, etc.
Firewalls on your local PC (like windows xp sp2 firewall, zonealarm, and norton internet security), can keep the tftpd from working properly. Disable the firewall if you have one present. If you are still stuck give me a call tomorrow when you are ready to try the upgrade.
The latest beta release of the firmware is dated 6/6/05 for the 3 Pro.


06/23/2005, 09:37 AM
the Tftp server tab shows
"client requested address which was not allocated by tftpd32"

if that doesnt tell you what I need to change, Ill call you friday afternoon.

Thanks again curt.

06/23/2005, 09:39 AM
You have a DHCP server running somewhere else in your network - most likely your router. Shut it off temporarily and then it should work.