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01/04/2000, 12:14 PM
Hello everone.

Well as my topic states, I have a work in progress 75g and I am having doubts on the lighting I choose :confused:.

For the lighting I built my own hood and choose 2x175W 10K MH's and 2 Actinic VHO's. For the ballasts I went with everything IceCap, and for the bulbs I used URI flour's. and Aqualine B's MH. And I used SpiderLight reflectors for the MH's.

Anyhow, I fired the hood up over the tank and I just think it looks a little too blue :(. I have seen tanks that have a blueish tint but have for the most part a whiter/yellower light. I was thinking would 6500K solve this problem? What is your opinion? Also in the process of swithching the bulbs I was thinking of upgrading the 175W bulbs and ballasts to 250W. IceCap said they could upgrade my ballasts for a $25.00 ea. fee. I would like to keep any type of coral and in my 75g with this combo I don't think I would have any problems. What are your opinions on this whole issue?

On another note would it be best if I mounted the Spider reflector perpendicular to the tank, or does it not make much of a difference?


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01/04/2000, 12:24 PM
I think you have an awesome lighting setup. As long as you don't specialize in SPS, there is plenty of good quality light IMO.

I have the same lights on a 120, and have decent results on all my corals. My 1 purple acropora could have more color though, but I don't have temp. problems, and my electric bill is still comfortably numb.

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01/04/2000, 02:43 PM
You should be able to keep and specialize in SPS in that tank. I have to disagree with you on that Playfair. As far as the color goes I think you will like the look of the 6500k much better. I to felt that the 1000k was to blue. I don't think (am confident that) changing the direction the reflectors are mounted will change anything. You still have 10000k bulbs and actinic. A less expensive fix may be to change the VHO's to a Daylight color. This may offset the blue enough to make the color more pleasing. For only $25 a ballast I would do the upgrade. 250watt bulbs tend to be cheaper than 175watters.

Good Luck

Larry M
01/04/2000, 03:45 PM
Give it a little time, the blue will fade. I wish I had it back :(

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01/04/2000, 04:31 PM
I'll recommend the upgrade while they're willing to deal with you. The 175W 10KK bulbs are obviously reported to shift and drop intensity quicker than the Iwasaki 6500Ks. I have the 175W 10KKs and I wish I had gotten the Iwasakis. With the replacement cost of the bulbs, you'll go broke really fast... And the damn things really aren't all that bright...


01/04/2000, 06:36 PM
Hey ReefPower:

I just went through the same problem you have. I am in the works of setting up a 75 gal tank and had a problem deciding between 175 and 250 bulbs. After hearing an big response on several boards, I decided to go with the 250 MH.

Reason: They have more kick to them. With them I would have the option of making my tank and SPS tank. Also if I want to upgrade to a bigger tank, then buying one more 250MH is cheaper than changing 2 175 for 3 250's. Another reason is that the bulbs for 250's tend to be much cheaper than the 175's. I wish I knew why!!!. Also Iwasaki (people say that are the best) only makes bulbs that are 150/250/400.

Also, as you mentioned before, the difference between the 175 and the 250 is $20 so why not go with more power. Your corals will be much happier with the extra light.

Another thing I have found out is that a high percentage of the people that had/have 175's wished they had gone with the 250's instead. At least, that is the response I got.

I would consider the 250's. Otherwise, after purchasing the 175's, you will be asking yourself, "What if I had purchased the 250's?".



01/04/2000, 10:15 PM
Hey guys thanks for all the replies.

:)I think I'm gonna go with upgrading the MH ballasts to 250W and upgrading the bulbs as well to 250W 6500K Iwasakis.

I guess I now have two brand new 175W 10000K MH Aqualine B. bulbs, anybody interested?

How about opinions regarding the way I mounted my Spider Reflectors? :confused:


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01/04/2000, 11:48 PM
The Spider Lights are designed to be mounted with bulbs perpendicular to the front of the tank because the sideway spread (on either side of the bulb) is greater. The bulb casts a shadow in front of it and on back of it so you want that shadow casted outside of your tank, hence the perpendicular mounting. For waht is worth, i have two 250wat iwaski with spiderlights and Ice Cap ballasts mounted perpendularly. My 48x28x28 also has one of those horrendouse center glass braces and with the two spider lights' overlapping reflection, you can hardly notice the decrease in intensity under the glass brace. These reflectors are awsome.

Havung said that, i'm on the OPPOSITE situation as you...I'm debating whether or not to supplement the Iwaskis with ACTINIC VHO'S as the light emmitted by the iwasakis alone don't look too yellow to me.

Also, i just received an Aqualine Buscke Aquastarlight and noticed that the reflectors for the HQI bulbs are like a miniature version of the spider lights! These Germans sure have things figured out when it comes to this hobby!

If you want to be confused even more, check out Sanjay Joshi's article on 250 watts Iwasakis, 10K HQI's, and other bulbs on Aquarium Frontiers. If i had to do it over again, i think i would have gone with two 250 HQI 10k bulbs on Ice Caps and a pendant-type fixture. Is too bad the retrofits for HQI bulbs are so hard to find.

Hope this helps, JOHNNY

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01/05/2000, 12:35 AM
Hey, I just figured I'd give you my input also. I use two 400 watt65k Iwasaki MH bulbs supplemented w/2 160 watt VHO. Not a whole hell of a lot of light for a 180 gal reef. I used to use 10k germans and found my corals didn't color up as nicely under the 10k's. I've used 65k in the past and liked how they looked. I'm very pleased with the outcome. My 65k's turned from yellow to near white in a weeks time. Very nice looking bulb. I think you'll really like the 65k's. Plus, with the extra light you'll have no problem rasing SPS and clams.


01/05/2000, 06:30 AM

I would love to buy those 10,000k bulbs from you, since I need to replace two of mine, but my financial situation is really screwed up right now. If you can hang on to them for a couple months, I will take them though.


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01/05/2000, 07:27 AM
This post illustrates why I have held off on the IceCap e-ballasts...you have to send em back if you want to change bulbs. What a pain. I was not aware that they could change your wattage and I don't see how this could be possible for 25 dollars. I would think you would need an entirely new 250W ballast. I think you mean the bulb tuning charge, which would still leave you with 175W, but I may be mistaken....

FWIW, the new Blue Line e-ballasts are in at Champion. They come in 400W as well so that is a decided advantage, IMO. Your post about most with 175W wish they had 250W is true..the same seems to happen to 250W wishing they had 400W on these boards...guess I'll be wishing for 1000W soon. I am going with the 10K's initially, as I like the color better than the Iwasaki's...for me they are too yellow/green, even with supplementation by VHO or PC...price is great, though so the Blue Line gives one the option to switch later without financial penalty...these Blue Line ballasts appear to be IceCaps worst nightmare....we shall see.


01/05/2000, 06:18 PM
If Fox decides not to take your bulbs, I am interested.