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12/28/1999, 08:34 PM
On our way back from St. Louis to Columbus today my wife and I stopped at Inland Aquatics. I was very impressed with their setup and with the quality of the livestock. A guy named Mike spent about an hour with us giving us a tour and showing us the facility. The Turf Scrubber system is impressive. I was told that their tanks would look like someone uninated in them, and that they can only keep certain corals, but I didn't see any of that. Their livestock appears very healthy and they have some unique items. I have purchased mail order from them before and I bought a beautiful derasa clam today.

I have been contemplating the ATS for my next tank and I may have been sold on the system today. Just wanted to let you know about a good experience. Of course, I have no affiliation with Inland Aquatics.

12/29/1999, 08:58 AM
I havent visited IA for about a year, but have been there several time before. The yellowish tinge was there then. It isnt to noticeable in the vats, but i clearly noticed it in the aquariums. They were not using skimmers or carbon then. Maybe they're doing more water changes now. i dunno. How long have you been using the ATS ctenophore and what model is it?

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12/29/1999, 10:05 AM
Thanks for the reply CT, I have been following your ATS posts over the past few months.

There is absolutely no protein skimming going on at IA. They do occasionally run carbon, but that is it. They have one tank set up that has had no carbon, no water changes, and no major adjustments in over 5 years. That tank is slightly yellow when viewed from the side, but it is hardly noticable.

Like I said before, I noticed very little discoloration. IMO, the health of the systems more than compensate for any slight water color.