View Full Version : Do you keep your Q tank up all the time?

02/12/2002, 01:14 PM

First off I want to congratulate you on the nice job you did with this column.

Now I have a question, do you keep your Q tank up and running all the time? I assume you do because otherwise there would be a cycling event each time due to the canister filter w/bio balls and the substrate. If you do keep it up, do you keep it stocked with a couple of small fish or something to keep it going????

Thanks for dedicating the time to helping those of us who are still relatively new.


02/12/2002, 01:54 PM

I have plenty of space and so can afford to keep my Q tank running all the time. My current one has been running for about 3 years and for some reason or other it has had at least one fish in it. I currently have 7 other tanks which I have been adding to gradually over the last few years. This has meant that at least one tank has been in stocking mode over the life on the Q tank.

There was a period of a few months where I didn't have any fish in the tank and I had no plans for new fish at the time. I turned the lights off, but occasionally fed the tank with regular fish food every now and then to keep the biological filter going. I then did a largish water change just before introducing new fish.

My recommendation is to set up the quarantine tank at the same time as your display tank and to at least maintain that tank until you "finish" stocking the display tank. If you can, keep the Q tank going as an emergency tank, with an occasional feeding to keep it ticking over. Otherwise, once the main tank is stocked to your liking, the need for the Q tank is not as great - unless you are planning another display tank.

I hope this helps,