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10/04/2005, 08:02 PM
I recently bought the above and got some
questions to ask regarding the Calibration and
Measurement. ( had read about this :


an review done by you but somehow still encounter this..

Firstly, under no 4. of the instruction, "Put the
probe tip into the 100 Ca+ Calibration Fluid. Wait
until the number 100 begins to flash on the display on
a regular basis (4–5 steady flashes or longer is
advised). This may take a minute or two. Then press
the Enter button to register the 100ppm Ca+
calibration. The LCD should display the word "good."

But for my case it indicate "Err" , which is error i
guess. Why is that so?

Is it because i had add the probe electrolyte fluid to
much, i add to till about half inch below the black
cap. If so how?

Secondly, is there a clear plastic cap that must be
removed from the tip of the Calcium probe so that the
values can be measured? this is what i read from manufacturer
website under FAQ? but it does not say is calcium probe /ph probe that is with the cap, it seems like there is no cap on the calcium probe.

Thanks in advance. Hope to receive a flavourable help

Lawrence Steve


Randy Holmes-Farley
01/04/2006, 01:54 PM
Did your questions get answered in my other forum or elsewhere?

06/30/2010, 06:36 AM
Did your questions get answered in my other forum or elsewhere?

anyone ?