View Full Version : AC Jr Problem

10/14/2005, 12:04 AM

I just bought a AC Jr bundle with the DC8 and have set it up on my small tank to try it out.

The unit seems to work fine except that it will not switch off a Rio 50 powerhead pump.

When placed into manual mode the DC8 will switch it on, but not off. The weird thing is that if I plug the light or heater into the same socket, then the unit WILL switch on and off the heater or light correctly.

I have also tried different sockets all with same result, I can only switch on, but not off the powerhead. I got the DC8 so I wouldn't have these kinds of issues like you sometimes do with X10 based systems.

Please help if you can as I am kinda frustrated :(

10/14/2005, 10:35 AM
Are you using the control & status -> manual control option? Note that commands are only sent out when you press the select button - scrolling through the on, off, auto options does not change the state of the device until the select button is pressed. Try switching between manually on to manually off.


10/14/2005, 11:48 PM

Thought people might like to know that I have been in contact with Curtis.

Appears that as the DC8 uses triacs and the DC4 series uses relays that there is something weird with this particular pump that stops the triac from switching off. (I learnt today that a triac is a solid state switch, not a mechanical switch like a relay)

Curtis has ordered a Rio 50 to test out his theory, so I'll let him explain what he finds rather than post an erroneous response.