View Full Version : Cannot display DC8/DC4 w/ACJr

10/25/2005, 10:25 AM
I just added a DC4 heavy duty to AC Jr already configured with DC8.

DC8 is configured as A01-A08
DC4 is configured as A09-A12

The display will not show the add'l 4 outputs.

I have renamed LT1 (Light1 that was on A01) to LT1 A09. My intention is to move all MH to DC4 heavy duty. I can manually control the lights on DC4. I repeated the steps of renamed the following

LT2 on A02 to LT2 on A10
LT3 on A03 to LT2 on A11

The result? I'm still seeing 8 devices. What gives? The output cable from DC8 is connected to input of DC4. I power off and on the AC Jr and cannot find where to display the add'l devices.

Also - I would like to see A01 to A08 followed by A09 to A12. I am wondering about the order of display - or is the display devices are in the sequence of how the devices are added. If so - it would be very inconvenient to delete all and add all devices back.

Thanks in advance.

10/25/2005, 10:42 AM
After spending more time - the display now shows more than 8 devices.

It seems that a device will display only if there is a program state associate with it.

Also, the order of device appears to be the order of when devices are added, or when the program states are added. Because I'm seeing LT1 on A09 displayed before PM3 on A01.

I cannot wait for the scaled down version of AC 3 to become available, so that I can redo the programming via AquaNotes. AcJr is great but limited.

10/26/2005, 01:19 AM
I had the same complaint about the display (although I never voiced it). I wanted it to mirror the device ordering, instead of the order they were created/setup. But for the money it is a great little unit. :)