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11/11/2005, 01:23 PM

Was doing some searching and reading today. Boy, lots of people use Recipe 2. I am surprised I guess.

Isn't Recipe 1 supposed to be sort of like the normal B-Ionic Calcium Buffer with it's pH raising effect and Recipe 2 is more like the B-Ionic Bicarbonate Buffer. I never even heard anyone using the Bicarbonate B-Ionic, and yet so many poeple use Recipe 2???

Well I'd like to start dosing the DIY soon, but just wondering about all this.

So far I have been dosing 40ml B-Ionic daily and all top-off is kalk. I still cant maintain Ca or Alk, and pH runs around 8.0 at night and 8.2-8.3 during the day. I assume I'm OK to use Recipe 1 since I have already been adding normal B-Ionic and getting the pH raising effect from that. Is the pH raising effect of the DIY going to be very different from normal B-Ionic?

Randy Holmes-Farley
11/11/2005, 04:00 PM
Which recipe is optimal depends entirely on the pH, and in your case, either one is likely OK, but I'd probably pick #1 since the pH drops at night. I doubt my recipe will raise the pH appreciably relative to normal B-ionic.

I expect the B-ionic Bicarbonate would be used more if it were not more expensive than regular B-ionic, and if it were more widely sold.

11/11/2005, 04:45 PM
I didnt notice the the bicarbonate version was more expensive. Might explain it.

If my pH could stay where it is or even go up a little more, I will be ok I think. I try to split my dose in half and do one right before bed and one in the morning when I wake to try to bring the pH up at night, but that as high as it gets anyway.

So, could you tell me approx how much these 2 solutions of Recipe 1 differ from normal B-Ionic. Right now I dose 40 ml daily. I expect to have to increase that substantially (hence my reason for wanting to DIY this now). I think my tank has a very high Ca/Alk demand. I expect to try doubling this or even more to try to keep up. But obviously, I wont do that all at once.

So if I do 40ml daily, I'd like to get an idea where to start with the DIY solutions. Thanks.

Randy Holmes-Farley
11/12/2005, 05:19 AM
ESV/B-ionic seems to be shipping bottles more potent than their web site says, and I forget what folks have recently told me the bottles say. My article has the exact concentrations of my recipes if you want an exact ratio based on the bottles of B-ionic that you have, but Recipe 1 is about half as potent as the current B-ionic, and Recipe 2 is about 1/4 as potent.

So with recipe one, try 80 mL to match and 160 if you want to double it.

11/12/2005, 09:20 AM

What is your reasoning for not just making both more potent, more similar to B-Ionic then. Are there more solubility problems? Any way to get around them, heating up solutions or whatnot?

So for some of us that want to use A LOT of this stuff, we wouldn't need to be making it quite so frequently. I currently use about 1G of B-Ionic every 3 months. So if yours is 1/2 as potent, I'm at 1G/1.5 months and if I expect to double the dosage, I might be at 1G/3 weeks or so.

Randy Holmes-Farley
11/12/2005, 12:58 PM
The alkalinity part limits the solubility of both. ESV may use slightly differnet chemicals, and certainly uses better mixing equipment than most folks have.

03/20/2006, 06:09 PM
wow now if i can just find the link to making it I would be most happy

03/20/2006, 06:44 PM

03/24/2006, 08:03 PM
After reading everything about it sounds great but I have a ?
is it missing many major ions, such as strontium, potassium, bromide, fluoride, sulfate and magnesium.

Randy Holmes-Farley
03/25/2006, 07:41 AM
From the article:

"The seven most abundant ions in seawater, in decreasing order of concentration, are chloride, sodium, sulfate, magnesium, calcium, potassium and bicarbonate. Using this new recipe will keep all of these ions in their appropriate ratios "

I am not sure how much fluoride it adds, and the amount of strontium is fairly low but there is certainly some.