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11/29/2005, 12:31 AM
I'm using AC3 with Direct Connect 8 and Direct Connect 4 (Heavy Duty). I have this setup running for a few days now. I find that LT3 on DC4 turns on unexpectedly twice. At 12:22 am, LT3 is not supposed to be on. It turned on, even though status reads that it is on Auto, and currently off. I tried using web interface to turn LT3 manually OFF - no response. So I pulled the cable. Yesterday LT3 was on unexpectedly when I manually turn off LT2 from the web interface. This is weird. Where should I begin to troubleshoot this?

Thanks. -Peter


If Time > 00:00 Then PM1 ON
If Time > 00:00 Then PM2 ON
If Time > 00:00 Then PM3 ON
If Time > 09:30 Then LT1 ON
If Time > 21:30 Then LT1 OFF
If Time > 10:30 Then LT2 ON
If Time > 20:30 Then LT2 OFF
If Time > 11:30 Then LT3 ON
If Time > 15:30 Then LT3 OFF
If Time > 21:30 Then LT4 ON
If Time > 04:30 Then LT4 OFF
If Temp > 82.0 Then LT2 OFF
If Temp > 79.0 Then COL ON
If Temp < 78.8 Then COL OFF
If Temp < 78.0 Then HET ON
If Temp > 78.2 Then HET OFF
Max Change 010 M Then LT2 OFF
Max Change 010 M Then COL OFF
If Feed cycle Then PM1 OFF
If Feed cycle Then PM2 OFF
If Feed cycle Then PM3 OFF
If ORP < 365 Then OZN ON
If ORP > 385 Then OZN OFF
If pH > 08.45 Then CO2 ON
If pH < 08.35 Then CO2 OFF
If Time > 00:00 Then ALM OFF
If pH > 08.50 Then ALM ON
If pH < 08.00 Then ALM ON
If ORP > 450 Then ALM ON
If ORP < 300 Then ALM ON
If Temp < 75.0 Then ALM ON
If Temp > 82.0 Then ALM ON

11/29/2005, 02:42 PM
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