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01/02/2006, 07:47 PM
How do I turn on and off the 2 pumps while shutting them down after certain time?

OSC 060/030 ON/OFF Then PM1 ON
RND 006/120 ON/OFF Then PM2 ON
If Time > 17:30 Then PM2 OFF
If Time > 20:30 Then PM1 OFF
If Time > 07:30 Then PM1 ON
If Time > 07:30 Then PM2 ON

Also, I have 2 switches to check the water level.

If Switch1 OPEN Then SW1 ON
If Switch1 CLOSED Then SW1 OFF
If Switch1 CLOSED Then ADD ON
If Switch1 OPEN Then ADD OFF
If Switch2 OPEN Then SW2 ON
If Switch2 OPEN Then DUM ON
If Switch2 CLOSED Then SW2 OFF
If Switch2 CLOSED Then DUM OFF

Are these correct? When Switch2 is open then DUM for dumping is on but it does not seem to shutoff until Switch1 is also Closed?


01/03/2006, 11:21 PM
You don't have a switch1 statement associated with DUM. Maybe you want a:

If Switch1 CLOSED Then DUM OFF

Not quite sure of the functionality you want though.