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01/13/2006, 08:05 PM
Hi there,

I have a 125 gallon reef that has been established for about two and a half years now. It is really self sufficient now. All of my corals have at least doubled in sized the last year. My fish are happy. I just tested my tank using salifert profi-tests. Here are my results:

Ammonia - 0
Nitrite - 0
Nitrate - 0
pH - 8.2
mag - 1350
Calcium - 475
Phosphate - 0
KH - 11.2
ALK - 4.00
Stronium - 10
Temp - 78

My dilemma is why is my KH/ALK so high? Is this bad? Everything I can find to read about it talks about them being too low. If it is bad, how do I fix it? I would appreciate any educated/experienced advise. Thanks! Laurabelll

Randy Holmes-Farley
01/14/2006, 06:44 AM
I recommend 2.5-4 meq/L (7-11 dKH) for alkalinity. So it is fine. :)

If it were high, you can just let it drop on its own with no alkalinity additions, but you need not do anything.

Solving Calcium and Alkalinity Problems

01/14/2006, 05:09 PM
That is a relief, many thanks.

Randy Holmes-Farley
01/15/2006, 06:27 AM
You're welcome.

Happy Reefing. :)