View Full Version : Need help Bad Algea or not?

Dave 32
01/18/2006, 07:13 PM
First time poster and was wondering if anyone had some insight to what might be growing in my tank? I've got a 120 gal tank with 4 96 watt 10000K, 2 96 watt actinic which run from 10:00am to 10:00 pm I run a korallin calcium reactor, precision marine bullet 2 skimmer and refuge. About 6 months ago shortly after setting up the refuge I starting noticing this red fury and hard to get off the rock tuft growing in a couple of area's in the tank (only in lit area's no shadow or dark area's). Tank parameters are: Temp 78.3, PH 8.14, ORP 426 (lower at night) and alk normally around 9.0 but today it is 12.5 I think it has something to do with PH buffer I have been adding for the past couple of day's I had read that a possible remedy was to raise the PH for about a week I not sure if that pertains to my situation as for I have not had any positive identification of what it is. All other parameters are in limits no nitrate/nitrite or phosphates. Sorry for the long post I'm trying to post all needed info. Please reference the photo in my gallery for the pest. Thank you ahead of time for any info I know if I'm going to get any help it will be here.

01/19/2006, 09:12 AM
I get that in my sump under a pc light. It never grows in my main tank where I have 175 mh's. I just syphon it out every so often. It seems to like a lot of water flow.