View Full Version : aqua C remora... and other questions.

01/18/2006, 08:58 PM
aqua C remora HOB skimmer

what do u guys think of that? i might buy a used 1 for a 100 bux. u think its a good deal? it'll go on my 20 gal high with 10 gal sump (hang on back of sump) instead of my cheap prizm skimmer thats on the sump now.

also, will the seio m620 with a m820 in a 20 gal high be good flow for SPS? or should i put the m620 (as the only powerhead) on the 30 gal seahorse to be tank?

now i know why u guys like to keep BB on the sps only tank... with so much flow, but i like sand so it'll stay, a 1-2 inch layer.

slowly and slowly my tanks coming together, i just need a good light for the sps 20 gal high, i'm thinking a 250watt 14k pheonix will be good with 2 55watt PCs? or should i dump the PCs

01/18/2006, 09:22 PM
wouldn't a seio620 be too much flow in a 30 gallon for seahorses, they need very low flow. AquaC is a POS. Your lighting will be fine for sps but a 820 might blow sand everywhere in a 20 gallon. The phoenix bulb has really good par for sps. Your AquaC won't be that big of a improvement over your prism. Corailfe super skimmer for a 65 gallon is a great skimmer and you can buy it new for $80.

01/18/2006, 09:43 PM
really? thanks

01/18/2006, 09:50 PM
I have minimal problems with my Remora - a little buzzing but gets good skimmate

the m620 for the SPS tank will be more than sufficent. the seahorses need very little flow which can be provided from the filter.

01/18/2006, 10:17 PM
For $100 the Remora is a great skimmer. I have one, and the skimmate can be inconsistent, but at that price you will be happy. It will be a definate upgrade from a prizm.

I probably would not buy another Remora though after owning one, but I am running mine on a 75G so it is a little underpowered.

01/18/2006, 10:26 PM
thanks i decided not to buy it and stick with the prizm. i'll see how that holds.