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01/30/2006, 11:19 PM
Ill post pics tomorrow for sure, I have'nt taken out the camera in over a month.

Ive had what I believe is an open brain for around 2 months and it is pretty strange. It goes in like 3-4 day cycles in polyp extension. SOme times its fully extended looking great, others its withdrawn with mouths open. I used to freak and test for everthing possible, every day, but all was ok. So it still does this while everything else is doing well.

So far coral beauty has been a model citizen in the reef and my "swallowtail hawk" is my fav fish...I highly recommend one if you can find one. My LMB takes all foods even meaty ones and seems to be doing great. My new clown got bullied when introduced but by the next morn he was part of the family. Wont host anything yet but is nice to watch it swimming in tandem with the CB.

As for my corals, the xenia colony has produced around 8 new stalks and has moved to 3 different rocks. My kenya tree has at least tripled in size over 3 months and used to have a half dollar sized green striped shroom beneath it, but since its gotten so big one day the shroom was gone. 4 days later I found it reattached to a rock all the way across the tank in the back where you cant see it unless viewed from the sides. Frogspawn has gotten a lot bigger and the long tenticled plate is looking really good. I go a 1/2 fist size cluster of "sand polyps" that looked dead and the lfs sold it to me for $2. After a week its quarter sized red polyps with green centers. I really like it because they are like venus fly traps, when food hits it it quickly closes up to eat. Kinda cool. I picked up a yellow fiji leather that ended up having some sweet hitchers on them. 3 small acan maybe? polyps on the rock in a cluster bout the size of a dime, dont know what it is except its a lps and has tenticles kind of around the mouths. on the same rock was also 2 clove ployps but it appears they are gone now, the were the size of two pencil tips.

One problem Im facing is that I bought a softball sized rock of zoas the i only briefly saw opened because the powerhead had slipped and they were hit with the stream. Well its been 3 days and they havent opened except for 1 polyp out of about 50. I hope they open up so I can see what color they are. All other corals are fine and its placed in med-low flow. Tests and sal/temp are where they need to be.

In the crustacean dept., shrimps have all molted successfully several times and I believe a few hermits have as well. Im upset at my cleaner for always stealing food from my lps corals. I feed him first and he still will eat fast enough to come steal theirs out of their mouths.

At night after lights out, I see tons of isopods that come onto the glass of varying colors, I saw one that had an elongated body with long legs too. Several brittle stars that are black and white striped live under 1 rock and I see worms on occasion too(all small though).

The strangest thing I have seen is a 5 inch long thing that can only be described as a green algae vessle. It looked like a blood vessel, very thin like a millimeter yet 5 in long. It had even thinner vessels coming off of it, a couple along the sides and around 8-10 at one end. I thought it was just a strange algae growth, like the algae just started along a vein of nutrients, but when I looked a little later it was now in a U shape(this was like 5 min after I first noticed it). I got out the magnifying glass and looked at it closely. The end with all the tenticles were indeed moving. The whole thing was moving. It eventually made it back into the rocks. No idea what it could be. Ive never even heard of any creature described such as this. I will for sure photograph it if it ever is seen again.

Hey, im really sorry for blabbering on like this but I enjoy reading about this hobby, on these boards, when someone is not soley seeking an answer to their problems. Its discouraging reading about disaster after disaster, although I appreciate everyones imput on all thread, I have learned so much from everyone on here.

Have a good one!

01/30/2006, 11:43 PM
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Im upset at my cleaner for always stealing food from my lps corals. I feed him first and he still will eat fast enough to come steal theirs out of their mouths.

I know what you mean my cleaners do the same thing. I always throw a piece of food by them to keep them busy but they always go running for my open brain the second I put food on it. One of these day my open brain is ganna p***ed off and have himself a nice shrimp dinner.;)

Anyway your tank sounds good. I'm looking forward to seeing the pic's.


01/31/2006, 08:18 PM
Here are some pics I took today...let me know what you think.


LT plate-

Polyps I got "dead" for $2-

Brain during a good phase-


01/31/2006, 08:21 PM
Here's some more. I know the pics arent that great, but oh well.


CB and some LPS-

The LPS hitch-hiker that came on a yellow leather frag I got. I dont know what it is?-


Full tank-