View Full Version : Lighting Safety Question

02/02/2006, 02:34 PM
I have the following set up:

2- 36" 39watt Blue Plus T5 lights
2- 36" 39watt Actinic Plus T5 lights

Total 156 watts of T5 lights.

It is my understanding that specific bulbs have a specific UV output. In my set up, there is no canopy and the lights hover above the tank. The light also hovers slightly above my son's play area. Should I be concerned about any potential harmful effects if he happens to look directly at the bulbs or if the light shines directly on his skin for extended periods of time?


02/02/2006, 02:38 PM
IMO no. The bulbs have a very reduced effect the farther you get from them, and I assume you sons play area is at least six feet from the bulbs. If you are really concerned about it though, why not build a simple skirt around the top of the tank to hold the light in? You could even just make it three sided (with no back).