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02/06/2006, 01:38 PM
Hey Merv,

I was wondering about your article on the little brain that could. I have a brain that is receeding, but I've started feeding it a lot, so I hope I can have it recover.

I was wondering what foods you SAW your brain eat. So far I have only verified mysis and it is possible it is eating cyclopleeze. I was just wondering what other foods to buy to attempt to vary its diet.


02/06/2006, 11:30 PM

I have fed the brain anything from grated shrimp to mushy fish (spearing) to mashed shrimp to clam belly. Keep in mind that if your brain coral is in the recuperating process, you want to facilitate its ease of feeding with smaller and easily digestible foods. You want your brain to use up most of its energy in getting better, rather than using it to digest its food (of course with your water in check). I started feeding it teeny pieces of grated shrimp, and as it got better, went to feeding it mashed pieces up to 1/4"

I went the shrimp route most of the time since it is easily available and relatively easy to prepare. It's the type you find in the grocery store, I get the ones with the head on since they are cheaper and I'm sure the fat content in the head gives it a wonderful smell, LOL. Stay away from the big shrimp or tiger prawns, they are usually freshwater shrimp, and would be nutritionally different. I concoted a special blend of fish food that I fed the coral as well. Remember to target feed the brain, it will make it easier to feed the polyps evenly. I use a rigid piece of tubing attached to a 15" piece of silicone tubing. Think of it as an extended "pippette."

Here are a few pics on how I use the feeding tube:



good luck!