View Full Version : 30g Sump/Fuge baffle height ???

02/07/2006, 05:23 PM
I picked up the 30g AGA tank today and had a glass shop cut me 9 1/2" high baffles in 1/4" glass to install in it. This is soon to be installed in our 90 g tank. It will be divided into 3 sections for skimmer/fuge/return.
I`ve used this height baffle in my 20L, 20H and 15g and it worked well and let the tank handle some overflow from the main tank if needed.
I installed/siliconed the first baffle a little bit ago and it looked really short in the 30g tank. It gives me about 6" of tank above the baffle height for over flow if needed. The 30 AGA tank is 16" high total.

Will the 9 1/2" be okay or should I get some more glass baffles cut a inch or 2 higher to give me more water volume? Building it is easy as I`ve done this before but this has me a little worried now they may be too short......

I use a ER skimmer and this water height in sump works great for it. If water level gets higher it would mean me placing skimmer on a small platform to keep the water level. This in turn would be a problem with only 26" of clearance in the stand from top to bottom.

Did I confuse you guys on this? I know I keep going back and forth on how to proceed with it....