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02/08/2006, 05:12 PM
Reefers. I have been alternating between kalkwassser and aragamilk. I used to use only kalk...back in the day.
My small 30G does have some evaporation so I use the 1 litre Kent Marine Aqua Dosing drip system. (didn't fell like going to the hospital to get an old IV drip)

Result 1: using kalkwasser - purple and pink coralline algae isgrowing on the reef and glass.

Result 2: using Aragamilk - mixed in thoroughly with fresh water - green coralline algae on the sides and rear glass.
Also, I use only the Aragamilk in my 6G office nano - green only is thriving again.

Anybody had similar results?

03/13/2006, 04:47 AM

The dosing of liquid calcium and other additves to boost the growth of coralline algae works well in small tanks. It's the "right" amounts added in set intervals that determines the lush growth; care to be taken as too much helps to increase unwanted algae spurts. Once you strike a balance, it's all good. Smaller tanks can react big to changes moreso than a larger tank. The 30G is 5 months now. The new tank syndrome is over. No more strange and recurring inhabitant deaths.

BTW, the Red Sea Prizm skimmer is a bit noisy but it works. The Aqua Remora maybe a better choice but you get what you pay for most times.