View Full Version : droopy toadstool

02/14/2006, 11:57 AM
I just bought a large toadstool leather- about 9 across with an 8" stem. I have been given conflicting info on how to place it- pin it, rubbeband it- in my rock, in my stand- what is best? I rubberbanded it to a piece of rock and it seems ill, so it is not resting on the floor of my tank. thanks tommy

The steven liu
02/14/2006, 05:52 PM
Was it not attached to a liverock when you bought it? Well I've seen people rubberband it, as far as success I have no clue. Personally I've never seen any "drooping" leather made it, they are usually on their way out if they look "droopy" with slimy things coming out, hopefully that's not your case. However once they are on a rock they do get attached to it rather quickly.

02/14/2006, 06:09 PM
No, the coral looks great, it just drooped when I rubberbanded it to the rock, at the band (folded over), it opens up during the day and is huge- evidently it was lying on the floor of its previous home as it has some small pieces of rock embedded into it. I didn't get it from a store, I got it from a guy who works at the LFS who set up a 180 and realized that the electrical service in his apartment wouldn't handle the MHs, so he was selling some corals and running a fish only set up. I bought a large piece of rock with three RBTAs and the large toadstool for $50.