View Full Version : food and whats the best???

02/16/2006, 03:33 PM
after a few months reading and looking i got a question about foods for my tank. I currently am using frozen cubes of food and whitebait ( silversides ) and nori. I wonder sometimes what is the best food to be feeding my children . . . I have some tangs, a birdnose wrasse, a pair of clowns and some chromis. I feed them one cube of marine brown and marine green and place nori on two clips for my 3 tangs. I feed my eel 2 or 3 whitebaits and then cut up a whitebait for my birdnose. A friend of mine is offering to give me some frozen bloodworms and i dont know how good they are??? Havent really taken the time to read any packages and was wondering if anyone was using bloodworms??? Currently my fish are all healthy and a bit plump but not fat . . . just nicely adjusted to life in my tank . . . all contents but my clowns have been in for about 4 months . . .

02/16/2006, 03:52 PM
Bloodworms aren't a good idea only becuse overtime, it can effect the fish's liver and stomach. The food your feeding them is fine. I feed my fish maine cusine and they love it and brine shrimp as well.

02/20/2006, 09:37 PM
Frozen bloodworms are fine to feed in addition to what you are already giving. Just remember to vary the fare.

I have no idea why it would affect a fish's liver or stomach. If you do a search (when it is available), for bloodworms you will find many that are feeding their fish this food.