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02/18/2006, 12:03 AM
Hey Guys and Gails

Thanks for answering my other questions. I appreciate the responses. Now I have another question. I'm in the process of designing a closed loop system to increase my circulation in my tank. The problem is it's a 105 show that is not drilled. I can't drill the tank because it's alread setup and running. So it has to be an ott design. I'm planning on using an oceanmotion squirt or little squirt. Thats not my problem. The problem is I'm not sure how or were to put the intakes for the closed loop system. I'm also not sure what size or brand pump to use. Right now for circulation I have a MAG 9.5 return pump for my sump/fuge. I also have 2 Maxijet 1200's in the tank. I still have alot of dead spots and am unable to keep the ditrius suspended in order to be filtered out. My tank will be a mixed reef with various corals, clams, and fish. There are no coral in the tank at this time, only 1 yellow tang, green mandirin doing very well, 5 yelow tail damsels and various snails and hermit crabs. Any suggestion or comments would greatly be appreciated. Thanks in advance. And keep up the good work helping us newbie's out in this great and rewarding hobby.

02/18/2006, 10:40 AM
Here's a picture of an external closed loop using a SWDC and a MAG 5 (I think). It just gives you an idea.


I do like the oceansmotions stuff way better, I use the OM squirt with a quiet one 5000 pump, however I would highly recommend upgrading to the super squirt compact as it's the same size and haddles more flow. I had to modify my OM squirt to handle apporx. 1000gph, even though they are said to handle up to 1300gph.

Your intake can basically go anywhere, I've seen people place the pump right in the overflow box if it's big enough, for this setup I think a check valve will be needed, you could also put the intake in the overflow box and the pump behind the tank.

For that size tank go with atleast 1000gph pump rating, go bigger if you want more flow for a higher SPS tank, but my pump's rated for 1330gph but after elbows and what not it's not doing anymore than 1000gph if that. The tank was built to hold both LPS and SPS and it's a 3 foot cube 2 feet tall approx. 135gal.

Hope this helps.