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joe healey
02/19/2006, 03:06 AM
Going to convert my fw to sw and been reading up on this and was wondering if there are any groups in the Cape Cod area. I didn't see any listed anywhere. Going to go with fowlr to start and i can get a 25 to 30 gal refuge under my main. will start that setup shortly. plan to have tank set up, plumbed and done before i get anything live except i might cure some rock ahead of time in a barrel. still have to build the sump/refuge and get a skimmer. i am eyeing a AquaC Urchin Pro or a red sea berlin ( any suggestions) on ebay. anyway it would be nice if there was a local to talk to and spy their system and brain pick. anyone out there?


02/19/2006, 03:16 AM
not sure about a club around you but sounds like your off to a good start. IMO go with the aqua c skimmer much better than the red sea skimmer

02/19/2006, 05:53 AM
Welcome to RC. The Boston Reef Society is the biggest club up your way.

BRS (http://www.bostonreefers.org/forums/index.php)

You also have the TriState Reef Society
TriState (http://tristatereef.com/bboard/index.php)

Both of these clubs have forums here on RC, but they do most of their discussions on their own boards.

02/19/2006, 06:41 AM
Joe, I live in Marshfield. Boston Reefers is a great club to join (the BRS Link in the above post), I'm a member and it's a pretty large group of good people. I have an AuqaC EV150 with mag5 available too if you are interested. Send me a PM over at BRS (I have the same name there) if you are interested since sales are not allowed in these forums and I rarely check PM's here. A great guy to talk to is Marc at Fishy Business in Chatham. I think he is the best store down on the Cape. He's a very nice guy and can get you just about anything. Has excellent dry rock too.