View Full Version : Looking for a nice Camera

02/23/2006, 12:54 PM
I'd like to get some input on what cameras are being used for the awesome pictures you pros out there use. I'm about to jump into the DSLR but I don't wanna spend an exhorbitant amount to be disappointed later on. So, with that in mind, any recommendations out there? I took a look at the Nikon D50, attractive price, lenses aren't as expensive as the Canon's (from what I've read), and supposedly performs as well as other more expensives DSLR's out there.

This will be a general purpose camera but I'd really love to get into macro's. Some of you guys really make some beautiful shots!

02/23/2006, 01:07 PM
Have a look at at the Rebel XT. I LOVE mine. Aftermarket lenses (Sigma, etc) are prices about the same for each mount. Most of the research I did led me to the Canon.
That being said, they are both awesome cameras. Remember, to take those awesome macros, you need an awesome lens. I've taken incredible close ups with my $100 Fuji!!!!!