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03/01/2006, 06:17 PM
I cannot seem to figure out how to safely correct a calcium problem I recently caused....

My 120 gallon reef tank had been running for some time with a lower than normal calcium concentration...about 300 to 320 ppm. at the time, my alkalinity was at 3.54 meq/L or 9.9 dkH. My pH was right at 8.0.

Im my effort to correct this, I added ESV B-Ionic part 2 in 120 ml increments every other day or so for about 10 days. As I went, my test results showed little change..a slight climb in calcium, along with a slight drop in alkalinity. pH seemed to rise early in this process leveling off at 8.16 to 8.22. (I use a Pinpoint probe)

I failed to test for two days...and now my parameters are troublesome to me..

pH...8.16 to 8.22
Calcium........at least 500 ppm (the Salifert test kit only goes that high, but the color change seems very close after the full titration)
Alkalinity....2.7 meq/L

What can I do now? Should I do anything at all?

Any help would be graetly appreciated,



03/01/2006, 07:18 PM
You can use another syrine of the titrant to get a number. Just add both results together.

I would just dose the alkalinity part of B-Ionic by itself for a while and wait for the calcium to drop. The tank seems to need a larger dose than what you're adding, which is fine. The high Ca might be contributing some to the consumption.

Randy Holmes-Farley
03/02/2006, 06:01 AM
Let's see what the value is when using a second syringe. It may not be all that high. 510 ppm calcium is not a big problem. :)

03/03/2006, 04:29 AM
Ok...here are the results from testing last evening:

Calcium....550 ppm
Alk............8.0 dkH / 2.86 meq/L

I followed the advice from Jonathan, and added 60 ml of ESV B-Ionic Part 1 (Alkalinity) two evenings ago. Last night I got the above test results after which I added another 60 ml of B-Ionic Part 1. (I also referred to the Advanced Aquarist article linked on earlier posts in this forum which had similar advice)

The alkalinity result is by Salifert test kit and is just one titration drop, or one graduation on their sacle over the previous result of 2.74 meq/L or 7.7 dkH. The Calcium result is also by Salifert kit.

I believe my alkalinity results are within "acceptable" parameters, but at the low end of the range so I am not sure if this is a concern with the high calcium or not. And of course, I would like to bring the calcium down to 400 - 450.

(Use a second syringe...why didn't I think of that?!!)

Thank you for your help so far...


Randy Holmes-Farley
03/03/2006, 06:24 AM
I agree that just adding the alkalinity part, maintaining 7-11 dKH, while the calcium declines to 450 ppm is a good way to go. Then restart equal parts dosing. :)

03/03/2006, 06:45 AM

Thank you for your help. I think most people would agree....you do not have to spend time giving advice but the fact that you do says something about both of you.

You guys are the best!


Randy Holmes-Farley
03/03/2006, 12:05 PM
Thanks very much, and good luck. :)