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03/02/2006, 07:56 PM
In the never ending quest to make things better & quieter I have been reading the posts for CSS mods and AGA Mega Flow mods.
I combined ideas from these forums and came up with a pretty easy mod for the CSS 220 which has eliminated almost all of the noise and micro bubbles.
I have an RR AGA 72 bow with a SeaLife Systems Pro Series 150 for the sump. The CSS hangs ON the sump. Since all is contained in a cabinet there really wasn't too much noise but the bubbles and the dreaded salt creep was a headache.

I removed the hose and connector for the return from the CSS


- 1" drinking water PVC (thin wall)
- 1" PVC "T"

- one of these - I do not know what it is called

- 1/2" PVC threaded riser (6")

- 1/2" threaded & 1" slip end caps
- Mag 7 filter sponge

I turned the CSS pump so that it was close to the drain line from the tank.
- drilled 1/4" hole in both end caps

put together the thing I don't know the name for, with the capped riser & 2 pieces of 1" pipe

added the 1" T, pipe & end cap

added a 1.5" piece of pipe to the T and slipped the Mag 7 filter over this piece and up onto the T (keep this short piece above the water

Installed so the Mag 7 filter is at the area of the sump that drains into the next chamber of the sump

It has been running for about 12 hours and there is hardly any noise and if you look close there are only a few large bubbles every 15 or 20 seconds.
I believe the skimmer is working better since it is drawing water right next to the tank drain line and the water from the skimmer is going almost directly into the second sump chamber. There is very little salt creep since almost all of the bubbles have been eliminated and the few that come through the Mag 7 filter are almost immediately drawn into the second sump chamber.

03/03/2006, 02:09 AM
I did almost the same mod but I added a gate valve for better control

03/03/2006, 03:08 AM
I have a gate valve ready. I first only had 1 riser and was still getting a little noise so I figured I would add a gate valve but I did not want to restrict flow.I added the second riser and everything seems to be working and there is hardly any noise. I shut off the main pump for feeding and when I restarted, the skimmer would go nuts. So far (less than a day) this has not happened.

03/05/2006, 07:44 PM
very nice mod, ill give this a try when I set up my new sump.