View Full Version : Enjoyed Pumps episode I

04/13/2002, 07:16 AM
Very interesting article. Looking forward to episode II.


05/11/2002, 09:46 PM
Agreed! I enjoyed parts I and II. Looking forward to the last installment. Mr. Niedermeyer if I can make a suggestion, maybe in that last installment you could mention which brand/make of pump you prefer (based on your experience) in relation to which task needs to be fulfilled (i.e. for return from sump, for use with a inline chiller, etc.). If you can't, no problem, but it would be nice to hear what your preferences are. Thanks for the articles. :)

05/11/2002, 10:38 PM
I appreciate your kind feedback.

I do not go into specific pump recommendations in the final article in this series on water pumps and just confine myself to procedures for installation and use of pumps in various tank configurations.

Recommending specific pumps is really an application dependent exercise, there is no one size fits all pump. Depending on whether you need simple circulation, drive a filter unit or running on a wavemaker/timer you will likely need different pumps (or end up using one pump very inefficiently). I've personal experience with Iwaki's of various sizes, MAK's, Rios, Grupp's and a few others. All of these can be made to work well as long as the pump is properly matched to your requirements, kept in good maintainance and installed properly. Not too surprising, this list of recommendations/requirements are the subjects of my articles on pumps.

Thanks again for your feedback and interest, RN

05/12/2002, 03:59 PM
Understood Rex. Your statement that there is no one size fits all pump is of coarse 100% correct. What I was thinking about was a recommendation based on application, but only on a general level. I didn't convey that too well. But in retrospect, I think that generalized recommendations in relation to application probably wouldn't be beneficial, as of coarse every situation is unique, with differing variables existing. Sorry about that. :)