View Full Version : Canon powershot SD400, HELP ME!!!!

03/06/2006, 09:30 PM
I have this Camera and I just want to take a picture of the whole tank, for the life of me I cant get a clean picture, I have a tripod and have messed around with the adjustments a little, I have gotten down the closeup shots but cannot get this shot down, if you have this camera or know what to set it on tell me please, I am in desperate need of a clean, crisp shot of my tank, thanks


03/07/2006, 07:14 AM
1. Make the ISO 400

2. Lower the exposer as much as you can without making the picture too dark

3. Use a tripod

THATS ALL you can do on this camera, the SD series are point and shoot cameras and have none of the right adjutments for taking pictures of our tanks (I have an SD500)

Even with what I said above, the fish will often be blurry and the photos willl definately be grainy...

HEY but the SD cams are great for family pictures and trips...

Sorry :(

03/07/2006, 06:05 PM